Storytelling Workshops

Use Storytelling to Communicate and Promote

In Dr. Goldman’s storytelling workshops, learn how to use storytelling as an effective tool for communicating your ideas and promoting your strengths.

Dr. Goldman offers the following storytelling workshops:

Tell Me About Yourself: Learn to Tell Your Career Story

  • Develop your career story so it is concise and compelling.
  • Increase your confidence by practicing and getting feedback.
  • Improve your delivery through your body language and voice.


The Story Approach: Telling Stories on Job Interviews

  • Develop unique stories to set yourself apart from other applicants.
  • Maximize your impact by being authentic, relevant and engaging.
  • Build confidence by preparing certain types of stories in advance.


Story Power: Tell Your Story to Feel Empowered, Communicate Better, and Promote Yourself

  • Ambition — We all have the ability to craft our own narrative. See how empowering this can be.
  • Communication — A well told story demonstrates one’s ability to articulate.
  • Self-Advocacy — By telling our story we take a stand for ourselves and declare, “This is who I am.”


If you are interested in booking one of Dr. Goldman’s Storytelling workshops for your organization, contact her at or 646-331-3143 today!

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