If you have ever thought:

“I don’t have a story.”
“I don’t know how to tell a story.”
“I hate being the center of attention.”
“I’m not creative.”
“No one wants to hear my story.”

We can help draw out and illuminate your stories so you can communicate authentically and engagingly.

If you have you ever felt:
  • Uncomfortable speaking in front of a group
  • Afraid of being judged
  • Unsure of how to make a connection with someone
  • Uncomfortable when interacting with people

We can help you feel prepared and on purpose.

At the StoryCatcher Project our mission is to spread the importance and value of telling and hearing personal stories.

connectWe help shed light on, elucidate and reflect back your stories so that you:
  • Become a more gripping speaker by incorporating stories into your presentations
  • Alleviate your fear of talking to groups
  • Transform your relationships by becoming a better listener
  • Influence others by connecting with their emotions
We do this by drawing on multiple disciplines including:
  • Current neuroscience regarding storytelling
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Somatic knowing (the information you are receiving from your senses and your interaction with your environment)
  • Principles of narrative therapy (Listening for possibilities for change or reframing)

storytellingThrough workshops, presentations and coaching we give you tools and techniques to catch and create meaningful, relevant and impactful stories. And we guide you to share them so that you are clear, compelling, confident and ready to make a difference.

At the Storycatching Project we believe that crafting and communicating stories helps foster compassion, collaboration and change.